LCG Weekly Update 11112016

Greetings from Charlotte, This has been a week as no other for the United States, with worldwide implications.  Those living elsewhere may not know what was at risk and are shocked that Americans elected Donald Trump to be the next President.  What was at stake was the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, a failed economy with a 20 trillion dollar debt, people opening their mail to find Obamacare bills doubling and tripling, the prospect of an open border policy that would cause America to cease to be a country, corruption on a frightening scale, the threat of a clamp-down on …

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LCG Weekly Update 11042016

Greetings from Charlotte, We are getting back into our regular routines as our “travelers” return to the office from different parts of the country and the world. Reports from Feast sites are coming in very positive—strong sermons and warm fellowship among brethren who are very focused on doing God’s Work. One thing that was noticeable this year was the number of capable younger ministers with excellent serving attitudes who are filling major roles at the Feast. While we lost the Feast site in Hilton Head, South Carolina, due to a hurricane, another dangerous storm that was heading for our Feast …

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LCG Weekly Update 10072016

Greetings from Charlotte, This has been a very active week. Many of our ministers in all parts of the world traveled to serve our members for the Feast of Trumpets: Mr. Richard Ames in Missouri, Dr. Douglas Winnail in Tennessee, Mr. Dexter Wakefield in New England, Mr. James Meredith in South Africa, and Carol and I were in Atlanta where we had six ordinations in the three congregations represented there. When we talk about the weather this week, it is not small talk. Hurricane Matthew devastated a number of islands in the Caribbean, including Haiti where the only bridge to our Festival site was …

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LCG Weekly Update 09232016

Greetings from Charlotte, Most of you have heard of the riots taking place in Charlotte this week. As far as we know, there are no members directly harmed by them, though a few have been instructed to stay home by the companies they work for. The Church Headquarters is far from the troubled area. This situation reminds us of the challenge we have as true followers of Christ to not get caught up in the emotions of worldly human affairs, especially as we know much worse is coming!

LCG Weekly Update 09022016

Greetings from Charlotte, Dr. Meredith gave the sermon here in Charlotte last week, and it is being sent out as an important “must play.” Among a variety of meetings, he also reviewed speaking schedules for the Feast of Tabernacles. We recently replaced WGN with another Chicago television station due to changing circumstances with WGN that have caused its audience to shrink, resulting in a rising cost per response. The WJYS station is already pulling 58 percent more responses in the Chicago market at our 10 a.m. Fridayairing.

LCG Weekly Update 08262016

Greetings from Charlotte, While floods, fires, riots and campaign rhetoric dominate the news in the USA, earthquakes rocked central Italy and shook sites along the Pacific Rim of Asia, and significant geopolitical events continue to reshape Europe, the Middle East and Asia (see News and Prophecy). Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith conducted a phone meeting with members of the Council of Elders and visited with our on-campus Living University students at a Faculty Reception. He will give the sermon in Charlotte this Sabbath. Mr. Glen Harrison reports that all of our brethren in the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana are safe, …

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