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The following books are in PDF format. You can easily search these reference materials by using the search functions (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + F) within the PDF.

(Some books may not be searchable.)

All of the works listed here are free from copyright restrictions.


Autobiography of HWA – Vol I (text) – 998 KB

Autobiography of HWA – Vol II (text) – 1.0 MB

Mystery of the Ages, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, Version 1 – 28.3 MB

The Incredible Human Potential, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong – 10.9 MB

Spokesman Club Manual – 14 MB

Graduate Club Manual – 4.5 MB

History of the True Religion traced from 33AD to Date – Dugger and Dodd – 718 KB

Incredible History of God’s True Church – Ivor Fletcher, 1984 Edition, 200 pgs. – 520 KB

Herman Hoeh – Compendium of World History – Vol.1 (PDF) – 1.35MB

Herman Hoeh – Compendium of World History – Vol.2 (PDF) – 668KB

The Complete Works of Josephus – 5.75 MB

Flavius Josephus – (c. A.D. 37-100) Ancient Jewish historian whose writings provide valuable information about New Testament times. Although not unbiased, his works are a tremendous “source of information, particularly on the political history and geography of Roman Palestine.” Born into a family of priestly aristocracy, receiving an excellent education and becoming familiar with both Jewish and Hellenistic culture, Josephus spent three years as an Essene ascetic and later became a Pharisee. When war broke out, he was appointed governor of Galilee because of his great influence and political capability, but he later had to flee to avoid assassination by his own people for failing to please the Zealots. He was “rescued” by Vespasian, Roman commander-in-chief, and lived the remainder of his life in high favor with the ruling house of Rome-mediating between the Romans and Jews and witnessing firsthand the horrible events marking the last days of Jerusalem. He devoted his final days to literary pursuits and died at Rome early in the second century. Two of his most lengthy and valuable works are (1) Jewish Wars, detailing the course of the Jewish war with Rome and summarizing Jewish history from 168 B.C. to A.D. 66; and (2) Antiquities of the Jews, covering “the whole of Jewish history from Creation to his own time.”

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah – Alfred Edersheim – 1.48 MB

Eastons Bible Dictionary – 4.17 MB

Foxes Book of Martyrs – 1.04 MB

The Two Babylons – 2.31 MB

KJV Holy Bible, 742pgs – 2.55 MB

KJV Holy Bible, 1750pgs – 7.72 MB (Includes Apocrypha and is formatted differently than the above version)

Interlinear Greek English New Testament – 5.33 MB

Bible Atlas – 20.9 MB

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