LCG Weekly Update 07292016

Greetings from Charlotte,

A global affairs columnist recently noted that, in light of terrorist attacks in Europe, the political and economic uncertainty in the EU, the shootings in America, the conflicts in the Middle East and the tensions created by a resurgent Russia and China, “the years to come could be among the most dangerous in recent human history” (, July 26, 2016, “How Much Worse Could 2016 Get?”). Sobering news items like this certainly fit with the prophetic warnings in Matthew 24 and 2 Timothy 3, and point out the need for the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has held meetings with Mr. Weston and various departments. Mr. Ciesielka reports that the positive trend with “Internet TV” is continuing.  For a few weeks now, some of our “Internet Television” platforms have been producing weekly literature responses comparable to what we get from some of the big cable networks such as WORD, CW-Plus, IMPACT, VISION and AngelOne, even sometimes surpassing some of these top stations. Mr. Ames had a profitable visit in Houston for services and in San Antonio for aTomorrow’s World Presentation that drew 44 visitors. The TWP in Edmonton, Canada drew 55 visitors. My visit to Baton Rouge for services and a Leadership Conference went very well. Due to several public funerals for recently slain officers, there was a very visible police presence in the city over the weekend. We were very saddened this week to hear of the death of Mr. Eng Monson, an elder serving in the Columbus, Ohio, area. Mr. Monson was 76. This coming Sunday, the LYP Teen Camp begins in Ohio. Please note the Festival announcements below. Your prayers for God’s Work and God’s people are much appreciated.—DSW


Church Administration

Memorial Service for Mr. Eng Monson

The memorial service for Mr. Eng Monson will be held at 12:00 noon on Monday, August 1, at the lodge at Camp Lazarus in Delaware, Ohio. Mr. Sheldon Monson plans to conduct the service. Lunch will follow in the dining hall. The address of Camp Lazarus is 4422 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015.


Tomorrow’s World Presents in San Antonio, Texas

Two powerful presentations were given to an audience of 44 subscribers and 40 positive and enthusiastic brethren in San Antonio on Sunday, July 24. Mr. Richard Ames gave many convicting and stirring examples of our country’s moral decline and clearly showed how we, as a nation, have abandoned God. I gave the second presentation showing God’s exciting plan for all humanity and the encouraging news that there is a way of escape. We all appreciated Mr. and Mrs. Ames’ visit to the heart of Texas and we look forward to seeing some of the TWP visitors return next Sabbath for a follow-up Bible Study.—Rick Stafford


Tomorrow’s World Presents in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On Sabbath, July 23, 55 guests attended sessions titled “Has God Abandoned Mankind?” and “Our Incredible Human Potential.” A number of the visitors expressed interest in attending services next Sabbath. We also had quite a few mention how much they enjoy the program. One lady wrote on her Literature Request Form: “I want to continue receiving this magazine until I die.” There were a few visitors from the former WCG who have not, as I understand, attended a Church function in many years but are now getting interested again. There were also a few from other fellowships. All in all, it was a very encouraging event.—Stuart Wachowicz


Feast of Tabernacles

Activity Registration and Payment Opens This Sunday!

Beginning Sunday, July 31, all LCG members and guests attending the Feast of Tabernacles will be invited to begin registering for activities at their respective Feast sites. Payments for activities will also be enabled at that time. Activity registration and payment will be made via your MyLCG account, through the Festival Web site.  To access it, go to, and click on the link “Feast of Tabernacles.”


Rockland, Ontario, Feast Site Closed to Further Transfers

Our Feast of Tabernacles site in Rockland, Ontario, Canada, has reached maximum capacity and can no longer accept transfer requests. Other sites closed to further transfers are Montego Bay, Jamaica; Lake Conroe, Texas; St. George, Utah; Carry-le-Rouet, France; Hilton Head, South Carolina and Penticton, British Columbia.


Feast of Tabernacles Sermon CDs—Repeat Announcement

Attention Pastors: The deadline to submit the names of brethren who will be unable to attend the Feast and who wish to receive a set of the Feast of Tabernacles sermons on CD is September 12 for recipients in the U.S. (Sermons are available in English, French or Spanish.) Please send these names to the Church Administration Department at The names of international recipients should already have been submitted. Note:  Feast sermons will also be uploaded (one per day) during the Feast at, for those who have Internet access.


Living Youth Program

Change in Live-streaming for Teen Camp

A change has been made in how the various classes and activities at the Ohio Teen Camp will be made available for online viewing. Instead of live-streaming them, we will post a recording on the Living Youth Livestream page ( and link them from the Living Youth Web site as soon after the event as possible.

You will need the LYP Bible Study password to access the recordings. It is the same password that was needed to join the live Friday evening Bible Studies this spring. If you do not have the password, please log into your MyLCG account, where you will find a post with the password.


Living University

Registration for First (Fall) Semester

Registration for Fall semester classes is underway and classes will begin in just over two weeks. Students should register soon in order to order textbooks and be prepared for the start of classes on August 15. Those who have never taken a Living University course will need to enroll in the University first (online) and then register for your selected courses. For a complete listing of the classes being offered this semester, visit our “Fall 2016 Class Schedule” (Spring in the Southern hemisphere) on the Living University Web site. Those age 65 and above are eligible to audit one class per semester and Living University will waive the tuition fee. High school students interested in taking LU classes while in high school can register for the Early College program and take classes at a significantly reduced rate. Brethren in many developing nations are also eligible for a 50 percent reduction in tuition. To make application to Living University, to register for courses, and to find out more, please visit For additional information, please contact Mrs. Michelle Broussard or 704-708-2294.



Seeking God’s Guidance:  In the world today, it is common to want to “do our own thing.” However, the Bible records the numerous and tragic results of this approach (Judges 21:25; Jeremiah 9:12-16). In the Scriptures, we are admonished, “Seek the LORD while He may be found” (Isaiah 55:6). We are also told that God will look to those who are humble and teachable and “tremble at My word” (Isaiah 66:2). King David, a man after God’s own heart, modeled the attitude that God is looking for when he wrote, “Teach me, O LORD, the way of Your statutes… Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:33, 105). Jesus Christ emphasized this same theme when He instructed His disciples to “live by… every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Jesus also taught, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). One of the important lessons of life is that if we desire to succeed in any endeavor—including God’s Work—we must seek God’s guidance in the decisions that we make—because that leads to lasting rewards.

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail


News and Prophecy—July 28, 2016

USA and Britain to Seek Closer Ties: “Following Brexit, the question of ‘what is Britain’s role in the world?’ has come into sharper focus than at any time for decades’” (The Telegraph, July 20, 2016). One thing is sure, “Brexit underlines the vital importance of the Special Relationship with the United States… a stronger relationship with the world’s leading military and economic power is required in order to offset any perceived loss of clout on the international stage that may follow Brexit” (ibid.). To ensure this relationship remains strong “the U.K.’s top trade official sought to assure Americans… that London wants to preserve and advance close economic ties as the country moves to exit the European Union” (The Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2016). Presidential hopeful Donald Trump wrote that if elected, “Washington would continue to work with ‘a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries—and our two peoples—are united together, as they will be under a Trump administration’” (US News and World Report, June 24, 2016). The U.S. and the U.K. share a special bond as the modern descendants of the biblical brothers Ephraim (U.K.) and Manasseh (U.S.—see Genesis 48). Scriptures reveal they will face a time of tribulation together, known as “Jacob’s trouble,” due to their national sins (Jeremiah 30:7; Amos 3:14). As the end of the age looms, look for these two nations to adhere to each other more closely for mutual survival. For more about this special relationship, read our booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.

Tragedies in Germany May Push Home Deployments: “The German 18-year-old who killed nine people at a Munich shopping centre on Friday night was obsessed with mass killings, owned a book on US school shootings and played computer shooting games. Most of his victims were fellow teenagers” (The Guardian, July 24, 2016). In “the fourth act of violence by men of Middle Eastern or Asian origin against German civilians in a week,” a Syrian man “blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people” after he “had pledged allegiance to Islamic State on a video found on his mobile phone” (Reuters, July 25, 2015). “Following the Munich shooting on Friday, politicians are debating how to prevent, or better handle, attacks on civilians. The controversial issue of deploying soldierswithin the country has again been brought up… Germany’s constitution, drawn up in the aftermath of World War II, places strict limits on the use of the military… within the country’s borders.” According to the Bavarian Interior Minister, these restrictions are now “obsolete” (Deutsche Welle, July 25, 2016). Although Germany’s constitution was written to prevent another Hitler-type leader from arising in the nation, Bible prophecy reveals that a strong leader—referred to as “the beast”—will arise in Europe and even blaspheme God as he leads his people (Revelation 13:1-10). Prophecies indicate this individual will likely arise in modern Germany. Current events are paving the way for these prophecies to be fulfilled. For more on this sobering future, be sure to read “Will Germany Have a Fourth Reich?

TV Watching and Risk of Death: “Japanese scientists say that watching TV for hours can raise the risk of dying from a blood clot in the lungs. Researchers studied the viewing habits of 86,000 people between 1988 and 1990—then monitored their health over the next 19 years… for every extra two hours of TV watched per day, the risk of [death]… increased by 40%. Watching five or more hours of TV programmes each day made people more than twice as likely to die than those watching less than 2.5 hours” (BBC, July 26, 2016). God praises the person “who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed, and shuts his eyes from seeing evil” (Isaiah 33:15). The Bible also proclaims the benefits of exercise (1 Timothy 4:8)—something that is missed with much TV and movie watching. The Scriptures have many warnings for the “lazy” person (Proverbs 10:26; 12:24, 27; 13:4; 19:24). While occasional TV and movie watching may be OK, too much of anything has its consequences. TV watching can squander time instead of “redeeming it,” as God commands (Ephesians 5:15-16). Today, there is credible research to support these biblical instructions. To use your time even more effectively, listen to our helpful sermon “Redeeming the Time.”—Scott Winnail,Justin Ridgeway, Francine Prater and Chris Sookdeo



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