LCG Weekly Update 03242011

Greetings from Charlotte, This has been a busy week here in Charlotte. Mr. Meredith held a number of meetings and is preparing for a trip to Kansas City. Mr. Pyle reports that Mr. Ames’ Tomorrow’s World television program last weekend entitled “Questions Evolution Cannot Answer,” advertising the booklet The Real God: Proofs and Promises, is expected to draw more than 4,100 responses. Also, last weekend’s Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation by Mr. Rod McNair in Asheville, North Carolina drew 15 visitors. The follow-up TWSPs in Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee by Mr. James Sweat drew a total of 63 visitors. Follow-up presentations …

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LCG Weekly Update 03172011

Greetings from Charlotte, We just finished a very positive phone meeting with our Council of Elders. As always before the Passover, Satan tries to stir up problems here and there—often over picky issues that resurface every so many years. However, the overall state of the Church appears to be stable and growing around the world as members look forward to the Spring Holy Days and stay focused on the Big Picture! Last weekend, more than 280 visitors attended 

LCG Weekly Update 03112011

Greetings from Charlotte, Last Sunday afternoon, Mr. Meredith made the first Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation in Charlotte, North Carolina on the subject of “What’s Ahead for America?” He spoke to a very responsive audience of about 230 people that included 105 visitors (see announcement below). This coming Sunday, Mr. Ames will give the follow-up presentation entitled “Where Is God’s Church Today?” Last weekend’s Tomorrow’s World television program #395 by Mr. Meredith entitled, “How to Know When Christ Will Return!” is expected to draw more than

LCG Weekly Update 03032011

Greetings from Charlotte, While parts of the northern states are still struggling with mounds of snow and icy conditions, spring is beginning to burst forth in North Carolina!  And the beautiful weather is just in time—with more than 160 subscribers registered, anticipation is building for our first Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation in Charlotte, to be conducted by Dr. Meredith this coming

LCG Weekly Update 02242011

Greetings form Charlotte, Political upheavals continue to rumble across Muslim North Africa and now Libya has erupted into open revolt against four decades of dictatorship. In the south Pacific, a major earthquake has shaken Christchurch, New Zealand. World events

LCG Weekly Update 02172011

Greetings from Charlotte, Winter seems to be tapering off across the United States while other parts of the world are dealing with adverse weather conditions. This week, Mr. Meredith has been conducting meetings and finished a co-worker letter. Mr. Ames taped a new Tomorrow’s World television program today entitled, “Death, Resurrection, and the Afterlife,” offering the CD Is There Life After Death? Mr. Wayne Pyle reports that Mr. Meredith’s telecast last weekend, Answered Prayer, should draw more than