LCG Weekly Update 05122011

Greetings from Charlotte, It is good to be home in Charlotte after a very profitable trip to the UK for visits and a Regional Ministerial Conference. It is very inspiring to see the dedication of God’s people and the excitement and appreciation in the eyes of new people coming into contact with God’s Truth and His Church. It has also been encouraging to hear how God has protected His people during the recent severe weather that has hit various areas of the globe. This week, Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ames taped new programs for the World Tomorrow telecast: “What “The …

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LCG Weekly Update 05042011

Greetings from Charlotte! As the Southeast picks up the pieces from last week’s storms, and Texas tries to recover from devastating wildfires, floods from spring rains now threaten vast portions of the American Midwest (see News and Prophecy). Is God trying to get our attention? With troubles mounting in modern Israelite countries around the world, what a privilege it is that we in this Work know why these things happening, and can help others to understand it as well! Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has been working on a new semi-annual letter this week, and Mr. Wayne Pyle reports that …

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LCG Weekly Update 04282011

Greetings from Charlotte, The Eastern part of the United States has just experienced what may go down in U.S. history as the most violent April ever for tornados. Last Wednesday night, the deadliest string of tornados in almost 40 years swept across six states, leaving whole neighborhoods devastated. At least 266 people were killed across the region, with 180 lost in Alabama alone. We are grateful to report that God protected His people through these storms, even miraculously (see report below)! Thank you for your prayers for all of

LCG Weekly Update 04142011

From the Presiding Evangelist Dear fellow servants of Christ, Twenty-six years ago, a few months before Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong died, most of us could not have imagined the ups and downs and the trials and tests we have gone through. But our Father in heaven knew that the Church of God—though comparatively large in attendance at that time—needed a time of “testing.” Many brethren deeply needed to go back and re-prove what they had only partially learned before. As it turned out, some of our friends and seeming brethren had never been truly converted at all. For with no …

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LCG Weekly Update 04072011

Greeting from Charlotte, Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ames both taped new Tomorrow’s World telecasts today. Mr. Meredith taped a program titled “Spirit Wars,” and Mr. Ames “Vital Keys for Bible Study.” Mr. King’s telecast last week entitled “Reaping the Whirlwind” is expected to draw more than 3,900 responses. Mr. Bruce Tyler reports that Mr. Rajan Moses had a successful trip to Northeast India where he was able to baptize 10 people. Earlier this week, Dr. Scott Winnail attended an accrediting conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. Last weekend was another encouraging weekend with more than 170 visitors attending Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations. …

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LCG Weekly Update 03312011

Greetings from Charlotte, This has been a very encouraging week for the Work! Mr. Wayne Pyle reports that Mr. Meredith’s Tomorrow’s World telecast last weekend, program #379, “How to Watch World Events” broke all previous records with more than 6,700 responses. It was also exciting to see that last weekend’s Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations drew 226 new people. Mr. Meredith spoke to more than 200 brethren last Sabbath in Kansas City, and on Sunday 114 visitors attended his Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation there. We had 59 visitors for the TWSP that I made in Lansing, Michigan and 44 visitors for …

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