LCG Weekly Update 04222016

Greetings from Charlotte, As we approach the Holy Days, Satan always seems to become more active in the world and in our personal lives. This week powerful earthquakes struck Japan and Ecuador killing hundreds and injuring thousands of people. Bombs were detonated in Jerusalem and Afghanistan, killing and injuring dozens more. Houston, America’s fourth-largest city, was hit by torrential rains, and governments in other parts of the world are under siege by frustrated and angry citizens. At this time of year Satan also seems intent on stirring up problems and strife among God’s people wherever he can, so we must …

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LCG Weekly Update 04152016

Greetings from Charlotte, World events continue to move in the direction of fulfilling ancient Bible prophecies about the end times. On the domestic scene, we are watching fundamental biblical values tossed out the window as special interest groups pressure the leaders of our modern societies to “call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20). On the global stage, the influence of Israelite nations that have dominated the world for the last several hundred years is fading as other nations begin to promote their own agendas (Leviticus 26:19-20).

LCG weekly Update 02202016

Greetings from Charlotte, The unexpected death of United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has put the highest court of this land in the news once again.  And it again has highlighted the power invested in the President to nominate a new Justice subject to Senate confirmation, thereby directing the leanings of the Court on future decisions, as well as the direction of the country.  As Paul said, we should pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2) that we may do the Work in peace, and that His will—not man’s will—be done on earth. In the Charlotte office this week, …

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LCG Weekly Update 02122016

Greetings from Charlotte, Fifty-one thousand Syrians have been displaced as a result of the Syrian government’s recent offensive on Aleppo. Three hundred thousand more living in Aleppo are under increasingly dire conditions.  Representatives from Russia, Iran, the United States and Saudi Arabia are meeting today in Munich to discuss a ceasefire.  For those suffering in this five-year nightmare, the agony goes on and on.

LCG Weekly Update 02052016

Greetings from Charlotte, Last Saturday, another rampage by Boko Haram left 65 people dead in a northeast Nigeria refugee camp.  What a cowardly and brutal attack—on a refugee camp!—against vulnerable, defenseless human beings who are made in God’s image.  As we pray for God’s protection while we worship Him on His Sabbath, let’s cry out for God’s Kingdom to be set up on the earth, for the benefit and peace of all mankind! Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames have been holding meetings this week, along with their normal writing and other duties.

LCG weekly Update 01292016

Greetings from Charlotte, Major changes are occurring around the globe as trade restrictions on Iran are removed (see today’s News and Prophecy).  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also met with Pope Francis this week, marking the first time an Iranian leader has met with a pope since 1999.  It will be interesting to see where these changes lead. Here in Charlotte, the work of directing the preaching of the Gospel message around the world continues.  Dr. Meredith spent this week writing and holding meetings, including a staff meeting, encouraging us to continue to work together as a team and give our …

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