LCG Weekly Update 08192016

Greetings from Charlotte, We had visitors here in Charlotte from around the world to meet with various departments. Mr. Martin Montgomery and his family, Mr. Lawdi Ferreira, Mr. and Mrs. Kinnear Penman and Mr. Stuart Wachowicz all left on Wednesday to return to Australia, South Africa, the Philippines and Canada, respectively. Most dropped by after serving at the Ohio Teen Camp, but Mr. Wachowicz made a short one-day trip from Toronto. Dr. Meredith was pleased to see them and be briefed on what is happening in their respective areas. The personal contact with these men and their wives helps us …

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LCG Weekly Update 07292016

Greetings from Charlotte, A global affairs columnist recently noted that, in light of terrorist attacks in Europe, the political and economic uncertainty in the EU, the shootings in America, the conflicts in the Middle East and the tensions created by a resurgent Russia and China, “the years to come could be among the most dangerous in recent human history” (, July 26, 2016, “How Much Worse Could 2016 Get?”). Sobering news items like this certainly fit with the prophetic warnings in Matthew 24 and 2 Timothy 3, and point out the need for the good news of the coming Kingdom …

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LCG Weekly Update 07222016

Greetings from Charlotte, It is remarkable how ancient prophecies indicate that as Israelite nations turn away from God, God will remove the supports of their societies and their impulsive leaders will “cause” them to err even as women rule over them (Isaiah 3:1-4, 12). Today, in more and more nations, we see women reaching for power and leaders in religion and government openly ignoring God’s instructions. Recently, the United Methodist Church (USA) elected its first openly gay bishop and the Republican National Convention asked a Muslim to give the benediction at one of its sessions. We will see more of …

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LCG Weekly Update 07152016

Greetings from Charlotte, Jesus foretold that “signs” of the end of the age would be increasing strife between nations, between ethnic groups and widespread natural disasters (Matthew 24:3-7). As these events occupy more of the news, we need to remember Jesus’ admonition to “watch and be ready” so we are not taken by surprise when He returns to this earth (Matthew 24:42-44). Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has written a member letter, a co-worker letter and will record his Last Great Day message for the Feast. Mr. Ames was in Toronto to record new Tomorrow’s World television programs. Mr. Ciesielka …

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LCG Weekly Update 07082016

Greetings from Charlotte, Severe weather conditions are again making news. While drought-related wildfires continue to burn in California and abnormally dry conditions affect other parts of the world, a super typhoon is smashing into the island of Taiwan and will dump huge amounts of rain on central and southeastern China, where some of the worst flooding in decades has already affected millions of people. Bible prophecies have long warned that natural disasters will increase as we approach the end of this age (Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8). This week in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith has written a member letter, held meetings and …

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LCG Weekly Update 060316

Dear Brethren, More than 450 rescue operations have been conducted in Texas as a result of flooding in May, the wettest month in the state’s history. In some parts of the state, the flooding is being described as “unprecedented.” There has also been record flooding in France and Germany this week, with six dead and the Louvre museum closing.