LCG Weekly Update 03032011

Greetings from Charlotte, While parts of the northern states are still struggling with mounds of snow and icy conditions, spring is beginning to burst forth in North Carolina!  And the beautiful weather is just in time—with more than 160 subscribers registered, anticipation is building for our first Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation in Charlotte, to be conducted by Dr. Meredith this coming

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LCG Weekly Update 02172011

Greetings from Charlotte, Winter seems to be tapering off across the United States while other parts of the world are dealing with adverse weather conditions. This week, Mr. Meredith has been conducting meetings and finished a co-worker letter. Mr. Ames taped a new Tomorrow’s World television program today entitled, “Death, Resurrection, and the Afterlife,” offering the CD Is There Life After Death? Mr. Wayne Pyle reports that Mr. Meredith’s telecast last weekend, Answered Prayer, should draw more than

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LCG Weekly Update 02102011

Greetings from Charlotte, The Middle East continues to “boil and bubble” with new developments coming almost daily, while Europe struggles to pull itself together and the U.S., Britain and other Israelite nations continue their sleepy march towards the edge of a cliff. Here in Charlotte, Mr. Meredith is working on another co-worker letter and earlier today taped a new Tomorrow’s World program, titled “The Middle East in Prophecy.” Mr. Ames’ TW program last weekend, entitled “Space Wars Ahead,” should receive more than

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LCG Weekly Update 02032011

Greetings from Charlotte, We appear to be watching prophetically significant events unfolding across the Middle East as long-suppressed Arab peoples rise up against unpopular and oppressive governments. It is also worth noting that while this wave of popular uprisings is pulling the Arab peoples together, the Israelite nations of America and Australia are struggling with severe weather conditions that God prophesied would plague His chosen people if they turned from His ways.

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LCG Weekly Update 01272010

From the Presiding Evangelist

Dear Ministers and Brethren around the world,

Let me remind you again about the Church-wide fast we have called for this Sabbath, January 29. Even since I wrote the member letter to all of you about this, Satan has increased his attack in a number of ways. And one reason is that he knows that his “time is short” (Revelation 12:12).

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