LCG Weekly Update 01272017

Greetings from Charlotte, Dr. Meredith continues to work on several very important articles and booklets, including a major article on the Protestant Reformation. It will appear serially in the Tomorrow’s World magazine, first in the March-April issue that will be expanded to accommodate a larger-than-normal kick-off article on the subject. He is also working on his autobiography, a project that many of us have encouraged him to finish, since he can contribute so much to the early history of the modern Church of God. His intimate knowledge of the Armstrongs and other key figures of the last six-plus decades is …

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LCG Weekly Update 01202017

Greetings from Charlotte, These are truly interesting times. The very disunited United States is scheduled to inaugurate a new president on Friday and at least 68 House of Representatives members say they will refuse to show up for the occasion. This show of disrespect is unprecedented. At the same time, Germany is fearful of any kind of accommodation between the United States and Russia. Wolfgang Ischinger, Chair of the Munich Security Conference, has stated that he “would like to see” that “no responsible German politician” will repeat the sentence, “there can be no military solutions.” Dr. Meredith has stated on quite a number of …

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LCG Weekly Update 12302016

Greetings from Charlotte, Reports have been very positive regarding the Charlotte Family Weekend and the live transmission of Sabbath Services. It is difficult to have exact figures because we don’t know how many people are watching for every Internet connection, but we estimate about 5,000 were tuned in. In addition to giving the Sabbath sermon, Dr. Meredith started the evening dance with his great-granddaughter—a touching moment.

LCG Weekly Update 12092016

Greetings from Charlotte, We have all encouraged Dr. Meredith to write an autobiography to fill in some of the history of the Church, since he played such a major part in the Work of God under Mr. Herbert Armstrong. This week he distributed the first of a planned three-part series, titled “The Early Years.” The importance of this project cannot be understated as he is the last man to fill in many details in the early years of Ambassador College and the Radio Church of God during its existence and afterward. We look forward to the completion of this project and …

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LCG Weekly Update 12022016

Greetings from Charlotte, Mr. Stuart Wachowicz and the Canadian headquarters staff hosted a ministerial conference for about 40 ministers, wives, and other leaders from across Canada. Dr. Winnail and I participated in the conference and were encouraged by the dedication and warmth evident among those attending, and appreciate the leadership of Mr. Wachowicz, with the help of his very competent wife Marguerite. Regional Directors Mr. Lambert Greer and Mr. Rand Millich also contributed from their many years of experience in the field ministry, by means of a GOTO Meeting Internet connection. I’ve remained over a few days to record four Tomorrow’s World telecasts …

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LCG Weekly Update 11252016

Greetings from Charlotte, This week certainly illustrates the contrasting conditions of human beings around the world. As many Americans sit down to turkey dinners to celebrate Thanksgiving, desperate fighting rages around the starving inhabitants of Mosul in Iraq and hundreds are still digging out from the devastation left by recent earthquakes in Italy and New Zealand. This world needs the strong hand of Jesus Christ to return and set up the Kingdom of God on this earth. Here in Charlotte, Dr. Meredith’s semi-annual letter is currently being mailed out to some 400,000 Tomorrow’s World subscribers. Please pray that it will …

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